CMOUTS supports its customers before, during, and after all transactions. These products and services include a variety of options to support our customers and their training sites.

Site Inspection & Ground Preparation

An ISO container has a built-in foundation in the undercarriage. Containers are built to hold as much as 40,000 lbs. and stacked up to eight high when loaded on a ship. Due to its sturdy construction, the typical ground preparation required is a “scrub and scrape” approach, however ground requirements can change due to soil composition, and structure design requiring a concrete foundation.

ISO container delivery, handling, and installation

CMOUTS makes all logistical arrangements to have purchased products delivered to the customer’s site and installed properly. The CMOUTS install team is sent in, local handling equipment is secured, and assembly is executed. Structures are typically 90% completed prior to shipment so the typical installation of up to 20 containers is one week.

Power Options

All CMOUTS structures can be ordered with electrical components like lights, outlets, cameras, and atmospheric special effects training aids. Many training sites are in remote areas that lack power options. CMOUTS can provide standard commercially available diesel generators that can power multiple structures subject to proper trenching and grid distribution set up. For a less mechanically based power system, CMOUTS has developed a container based Solar Power System option.

Annual inspection, maintenance, and repair programs

CMOUTS offers a standard one-year warranty on all our MOUT structures. In addition, CMOUTS has an extensive Inspection and Maintenance program which entails a twice-yearly structure inspection schedule. A 2-3-man team physically goes through each structure itemizing the current condition of the structure, the required maintenance

Existing Site Upgrades-Onsite expansion.

Many MOUT structures were built with older technology and do not meet current training objectives. CMOUTS can re-work and upgrade any site with new breach doors, new breach locking mechanisms, new shutters, and upgraded railings. ladders, and stairs

Budgetary restraints can limit an organization’s ability to acquire the training structures it requires. CMOUTS will work with you to add structures to your existing site and or upgrading existing onsite structures to alter their individual capacity. Structures can have additional containers added changing the configuration, additional windows, doors, partition systems, stairs, balconies, and pass-thru

AFTER Breach Doors and Shutters added