Conex Containers for Deployment and Storage

By developing close relationships with international and nationwide intermodal industry partners CMOUTS has strategically positioned itself to respond swiftly to the often urgent requirements that our armed services demand.  We can provide a wide range of standard and modified containers to meet basic as well as specialized container technologies.  The flexibility of our business model will facilitate prompt response to the unique situations often presented in military environs.  CMOUTS management has decades of operating experience in the military arena performing without failure on contracts large and small.

Time is of the essence when the military calls for Conex boxes whether it is for deployment or static storage.  We can supply sale containers to meet every criterion that the military may need.

  • New “one trip” containers and that meet 138A (AMMO grade) specifications
  • Standard shipment, Conex containers that meet 138B (IICL 5) specifications
  • Storage grade containers for static storage

CMOUTS can also provide containers for short term and long term lease, both domestically and for international use

Regardless of what the order, we make sure all our service suppliers understand how time sensitive these orders are. We can delivery o locations throughout the U.S.